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Great News: The Joint Report on the First-Ever Cooperative TFMA Audit Has Been Published

The State Audit Office of North Macedonia, together with 6 other SAIs from Albania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Türkiye finished the cooperative audit on "Municipalities’ own revenues for providing quality services to the citizens during pandemic“ and published the Joint Report.

This joint report is a comprehensive summary of 7 national audits. In order to collect and assess comparable information on national and local government actions, the 7 SAIs prepared a common audit framework containing the main audit question, the audit topics and the corresponding secondary questions to be addressed by the national audits.

The main audit question was "Are the municipalities' own revenues sufficient to provide quality services to citizens in conditions of a pandemic?"

The SAIs identified four major issues as being relevant to local government actions during the pandemic: system for managing the crisis, financing of municipalities, delivering services and post-crisis recovery.

The audit aimed to examine how municipalities' policies and actions for ensuring sufficient revenues for providing quality services were implemented and to generate joint conclusions and recommendations.

We invite you to read a full audit report in our activity section:​​