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Report on Analysis of Supreme Audit Institutions’ Audits on Municipal Debt Management Has Been Published

This activity on “Evaluation and analysis of SAI audits on municipal debt management” has been initiated under the leadership of the SAI of Türkiye with the participation of the SAIs of Lithuania and Latvia after the decision during the 5th TFMA Annual meeting held in Budva (Montenegro) on 3-4 November 2021.

The purpose of this Analysis was to answer the question of whether municipalities have any kind of debt management system and if yes, whether the debt management is carried out efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

In the context of this matter, a survey has been conducted among 17 TFMA members to find out about:

  • the municipal debt management systems and relevant regulatory framework in general in the member SAIs' countries
  • the work done and audits carried out by the member SAIs on municipal debt management

To find more about the report, please follow this link: