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The Launch of a New TFMA Activity

First quarterly online meeting of 2023 was dedicated to the new TFMA activity "A master class(es) on methodological issues in municipality auditing – a remote platform for exchanging and analysing real-life examples and approaches to topical methodological issues in compliance and performance audits" initiated and lead by the colleagues from the SAI of Latvia with the SAIs of Bulgaria and North Macedonia in the coordination team. 

The purpose of this Master Class(es) is to create an environment for exchanging information on methodological issues. Additional opportunity to fulfill TFMA's mission – to create an open platform for sharing the best practice and experience in order to improve the quality, productivity, and value of the audit processes, so that our work gives the greatest added value to the citizens.

This first quarterly meeting and the Master Class was on the topic of "Selection and sampling of municipalities in the planning stage of compliance and performance audits". During the meeting the SAI of Latvia presented a case study of it's ongoing performance audit "Have municipal investments facilitated development of business in their administrative territories?" and invited everyone to discuss on the meeting's topic. The SAI of Israel introduced the innovative integrated computerised system IMASS which helps to identify, analyse, filter and select bodies as audit subjects.

The meeting gathered 48 participating auditors from 18 SAIs and was held on 30th March 2023.

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